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Values, vision and mission

We in the Deaconess Foundation Group have common values, vision and mission. For over 155 years we have worked for human dignity.

Our values

Human dignity. We defend everyone’s right to dignity and self-determination. We respect diversity and meet people as equals.

The love for neighbor. The roots of the Deaconess Foundation lie in Christian love for one’s neighbor. We meet people as unique individuals; we support them and walk beside them even in difficult situations.

Responsibility. We are building a world that is socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. We take responsibility for the effects of our actions on individuals, communities, the society and the environment.


Our vision ”A life of dignity for all” invites us all to participate in the work to boldly change the world into a more decent place.

A decent life is a life where human rights are fulfilled. A person feels secure, gets food, water and an education, has the freedom of speech, assembly and expression as well as the freedom of religion. Even in difficult circumstances they get the support they need in order to be equal with others.

A person feels that they are useful in their community and needed and valued by others.


We strengthen trust, inclusion and empowerment.

The mission describes our approach to work and what is our basic task with people. It is to strengthen trust, inclusion and empowerment.

In our various services and civic activities, we create communities where people trust each other and their own abilities through respectful and equal encounters and dialogue. We work with people, not for them.

Customer promise

You are precious. We listen and support and
together with you we build the life that is true to you. Your pathway, our shared journey.

Our job is to strengthen the trust, inclusion and empowerment of the people using our services.

Olli Holmström, CEO of the Deaconess Foundation