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We provide comprehensive health and social services for the elderly, for intellectually or otherwise disabled people, for people with addictive disorders and for homeless people, for children and youth as well as for other people in need of special support. This is what we promise to our customers: You are precious. We listen and support and together with you we build the life that is true to you. Your pathway, our shared journey.

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Services for children and youth

We offer diverse services for children, young people and families from assessment to intensive support, rehabilitation and care. All this from one place and together with the families. The child or young person in need of support is always at the center of our services, which are tailored individually.

Services for intellectually disabled adults

Our task is to be a fellow human being for someone needing support – to offer everyone their kind of everyday life and home. We offer help, support and expertise for the everyday needs of a good life. Our services are aimed at people of all ages who need special support due to a disability, chronic illness or some other reason, as well as their families and close ones.

Services for the disabled

Our disability services respond to different situations in life and different support needs. A home in a communal and homelike service housing unit or in an owner-occupied accessible apartment provides support and security. Daytime activities give meaningful and rehabilitative content to the days – not to mention the sense of community and inclusion.

Housing First housing services

Housing is a fundamental right. It also forms the basis for rehabilitation. Our Housing First housing services provide different kinds of supported housing, 24-hour service housing as well as mobile support at home. Our services also include emergency housing for different target groups. At the heart of all activities is the respect for human dignity.

Addictive disorder services

We offer counselling, rehabilitation and treatment for people with drug and multiple substance addiction. We support customers in strengthening and finding their own mental resources and coping skills that promote recovery.

Services for the elderly

For older people we offer independent living, home care services at home and various support services, as well as service housing with 24-hour care and support. In addition, the Rinnekodit Hospital provides short-term inpatient care, rehabilitation and end-of-life care.

We are recruiting!

We are constantly looking for new professionals in different fields all over Finland. We offer meaningful work in a nice team – always #warmheartedly.