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Become our customer

Rinnekodit offers different kinds of service packages which differ in terms of content, scope and delivery. Our individually tailored services take into consideration the person’s physical, mental and social well-being, as well as how they cope with everyday life.

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Alppikatu 2
00530 Helsinki

Our e-mail addresses are in the form

Telephone switchboard of the Deaconess Foundation 09 77 501 (on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

We meet our customers as individuals

The starting point for planning the service package is the assessment of the need for services done by the wellbeing services county, the customer’s own view of their situation and a joint decision on how to solve the situation. Each of our account managers is responsible for their own wellbeing services counties and customer groups. This division is meant to facilitate the cooperation between the customer using the services and the buyer ordering the services.

Most of our customers come through their home municipality’s/wellbeing services county’s social services division (e.g., child welfare services, disability services, adult social work, social work for the elderly) or through healthcare. The home municipality/wellbeing services county makes an assessment of the need for services and contacts our account management.

How to make use of our services?

You can become our customer through your own municipality’s or wellbeing services county’s social services or health care division. Please get in touch with our customer service, and we’ll tell you more.

Account management and sales

Our account management offers its expertise for the customer using the services as well as for the buyer ordering the services. Our account managers will help in planning services and finding solutions.

Ikkuna vehreään maisemaan, ikkunalaudalla viherkasvi. Ikkunan vieressä seinällä iso taulu, jossa lähikuva pinkinsävyisistä kukista.

For service inquiries, reach us at

tel. +358 9 7750 5980 (weekdays 9 am–3 pm)​


Have a look at our care facilities

We offer services at almost 150 care facilities around the country. Have a look!

Note! Information about our care facilities is available only in Finnish.

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Do you want to come and get to know our services? We are happy to welcome visitors and visiting groups to Rinnekodit.